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What Is Customs Clearance Services?

Customs Clearance Services

Customs clearance services are necessary to ship goods from one country to another. The World Customs Organization has developed the HSCN (Harmonized System of Nomenclature). Customs clearance services Include a six-digit uniform code for classifying 5,000+ products. This code is accepted worldwide.


If your shipment has to be cleared through customs, you can take advantage of container customs clearance services. These services are available through a network of customs brokers in the US that meet the highest quality standards. Customs clearance may include a payment of duties and taxes on your goods.

iContainers provides online freight quotes, including the cost of customs clearance and inland transportation. In addition to real-time freight quotes, iContainers includes:

  • An easy-to-use booking tool.
  • Tools for managing import/export documentation.
  • Online tracking.

Your shipment details are available to you online, and you can easily download your final quote or legal invoice.

For containers to perform their services, customers must provide the appropriate information about their shipment, including the shipment’s dimensions, the number of rooms and floors, and the number of elevators. In addition, a detailed inventory of the items they wish to transport is essential.

iCONTAINERS will invoice the client for any additional costs incurred. These costs vary depending on the dimensions and weight of the shipment, the final destination, and the shipping time. These costs are not part of the ordinary quotation and will be invoiced once they are incurred or the supplier informs iCONTAINERS. Payment for these additional services should be made in advance.

Customs clearance is a necessary step for international ocean freight shipments. This procedure is a formality that permits entry into or exit from a country. A cargo must be declared correctly to pass through customs and may require additional inspections for specific items. Moreover, some products require certificates of clearance. If you’re unsure of the exact requirements for your shipment, it is best to seek advice from a customs broker. It will help you avoid unnecessary delays.


Freight Factory International

If you need customs clearance for a shipment to another country, Freight Factory International can help you. This is a process that begins long before your cargo ever arrives at its destination. The customs clearance process requires declaring the shipment, providing all required documentation, and submitting them to the appropriate authorities. Depending on the country of origin, you may need to fill out different forms. Your freight forwarder can advise you on which documents you need to submit.

Customs clearance services are necessary to clear customs and avoid penalties. These services are generally offered by courier delivery companies. These services help you get your shipments removed quickly and efficiently. With a team of professionals overseeing every step of the process, you can rest assured that your shipment is in good hands. You can even choose from tailored services, such as real-time guidance. Freight Factory International aims to make the customs clearance process as smooth as possible for you. Whether you need help with documentation or want to know more about the process, our team is here to help.

When shipping to a foreign country, you may need to provide a customs declaration that details your cargo’s value and description. Then, you may have to undergo a series of inspections to ensure your shipment is in good condition. These inspections may include non-invasive exams, such as x-raying a container, or physical examinations. Physical assessments may involve additional trucking and labour and may require you to move your freight to a different location. After the inspection process, you can expect to receive an export permit.

If you need to ship to the country, you should consider using an international letter of credit (ILC) as a payment method. This method helps you get paid faster and with fewer bank fees. You can also use an international letter of credit to avoid getting audited by Customs.

The freight forwarder you choose should have an EORI number and proper Power of Attorneys. You should ensure the documents are accurate and complete before the shipment leaves the country. This can help avoid delays due to missing paperwork or incorrect HS Codes. Furthermore, you should check the Schedule B code for the products you plan to ship. This is particularly important if you plan on sending shipments to the US.


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