What is the most common erectile dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to do firm erections during the sexual period. Erection at an undesirable time can also be erectile dysfunction. The disease is easy to identify by observing and questioning.

  • How do you feel during erections?
  • Do you get desired erections?
  • Is your sex drive reduced?
  • Do you have trouble during erections?

Diagnosis should be immediately followed up if your answer is yes.

There are two chief causes of erectile dysfunction physical and psychological. Quite interesting to know that there are very few cases of erectile dysfunction caused due to psychological problems. The prime cause of ED is due to physical and psychological disorders. Hence, sometimes when the cause of impotence is due to a minor physical condition, self-diagnosis helps the patient.

This is how you can identify Erectile Dysfunction

Every other man has faced erectile dysfunction at some point. ED tend to create horror amongst men but, it is pretty natural when ageing. Stop stressing over ED. The symptoms of ED are: normal

  • Emotional stress during erection
  • Trouble getting a firm erection
  • Not likely to want a frequent sexual relationship, reduce sex drive
  • Mood Swings associated with the intercourse
  • Relationship conflicts due to intimate life

The principal cause occurs due to physical reasons like:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity/ overweight due to thyroid or any other health issues
  • A condition called Atherosclerosis caused due to clogged arteries
  • High cholesterol
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Undergoing cancer treatments
  • Low-level testosterone
  • High blood pressure and low blood pressure
  • Surgeries or injuries associated with the pelvic region


Some psychological and emotional causes of Erectile Dysfunction are:

  • Depression
  • Trouble with partner
  • Stress at the workplace or with a partner
  • Stop taking intercourse like a performance-based exam. Just stop worrying about your sexual performance. If your partner loves you for those little things you put to keep her emotionally happy and safe. She won’t give a danm about your sexual performance.
  • Other mental disorder

If not the physical or psychological cause. Many reports of erectile dysfunction cases in health care centers are due to ageing. We age and, so does every part of our body. Growing older is equals to getting physical conditions like BP, diabetes, etc.

It is a proven fact that 7 out of 10 men are facing erectile dysfunction due to ageing. Erection takes longer to develop, and sometimes it requires many intimate situations to work in function. If you are suffering from this issue, you are not alone in this ageing happens to everyone and, so does little ED. Therefore, ED is most common in older men. So, can this condition be reversed?

Yes, this is a lifestyle disorder. Lifestyle disorders improve if we adapt to some lifestyle changes. These are some risk factors you must look into:

  • People who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol, smoking and other addictions are prone to ED. The consumption can make ED fatal, and your condition might turn into a severe ED case.
  • Obesity, obese people are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.
  • People who have had surgeries in the pelvic region, had nerve damage, prostate surgery or undergoing cancer radiation treatment.

Stress and embarrassment regarding erectile dysfunction is not helping any of these patients. It directly creates complications in their professional and personal life as well. It is good to stay away from stress as much as possible. Erectile dysfunction is a condition which can be seen in every third agein men. Hence, they should keep these complicated emotions in check to ensure they do not have any other major psychological cause of ED.

  • Do not think about the dissatisfaction you may cause or are facing in your sex life.
  • Do not think about the inability to make your partner pregnant either. Medical science has evolved, and there are plenty of solutions for the same.
  • Low self-esteem.

Physical Diagnosis

The physical diagnosis involves:

  • Blood Test – to check blood-related health conditions
  • Ultrasound – to ensure blood flow in the penis.
  • Urine test – to check the diabetic condition
  • Physical analysis -to examine testicles and penis nerve damage

Psychological Diagnosis

It involves questions related to the patient’s intimate and personal life.

Patient might undergo these treatments for ED

Health care professionals first treat the underlying physical or psychological cause. After treating the significant problems, they move on to minor causes to treat.

Patients should improve their lifestyles. A regular workout will help regulate your blood circulation system. Blood flow is the prime cause of physical conditions like blood pressure, clogged arteries, cholesterol etc. Stop smoking and other addictions.

Therapy – one of the vital psychological causes can improve using talk therapy. It is best for people diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, stress, etc.

In cases of mild ED, vacuum erection pumps can become a way to have erections.

One of the best methods is to use oral medications drugs like Fildena, Vidalista. These medications are helping men to improve erections. The Fildena, Cenforce and  Vidalista are approved by FDA. These drugs are available on Arrowmeds

If all other treatment option fails to provide a positive outcome, then one must choose surgery. The erections are artificially produced through the surgery. In the surgery a pump is placed into the scrotum and a rod is placed in the centre of penis.

Wrapping, end: 

We are the captains of our souls and the creator of our fate. We can change whatever we dream to. If you cannot run you can at least crawl a major life consisting of a healthy diet, some sort of physical activity along with stress management and you will be a whole different human being in the period. Your energy levels will be unmatched and you will get rid of all the diseases you are suffering from.

When a person is suffering from erectile dysfunction the person slowly loses his self-esteem. When you lose your self-esteem you slowly doubt yourselves. The best way to treat erectile dysfunction is to get rid of the cause which is the reason for being affected by it.

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Erectile dysfunction is the inability to do firm erections during the sexual period. Erection at an undesirable time can also be erectile dysfunction. The disease is easy to identify by observing and questioning. How do you feel during erections? Do you get desired erections? Is your sex drive reduced? Do you have trouble during erections?...What is the most common erectile dysfunction?