What Measures Should You Take to Stop Termite Attacks?

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No matter their age, termites are drawn to all houses. Therefore, whether your home is new or old, having an understanding of termites will help you decide what is best for your family’s protection as well as the long-term health of your biggest investment, your home.

Termite control on your own can be alluring. But there are significant risks involved in trying to control termites on your own. You may believe your treatment is having an effect only to discover months later that significant damage has still been done.

You should get in touch with a qualified local Termite Control Adelaide company, like Tom’s Pest Control in Adelaide, to prevent this from happening. After your termite inspection, they can assist you in determining the best termite treatment and preventative choices for you.

A customized approach to termite protection and treatment is crucial because every circumstance is unique.

How Can Termites Enter Buildings?

Termites scavenge for wood and other cellulose-containing items from their nest in tunnels beneath the ground. They enter our homes through small openings in, beneath, and around your house.

How Can Your Adelaide Home Be Secured Against the Threat of Termites and White Ants?

The first step is to schedule a termite examination, as advised by the CSIRO and Australian Standards. To assess the likelihood of a termite infestation and provide recommendations for problem management, one of our certified termite treatment professionals at Tom’s Pest Control will do the examination. They may offer a free, no-obligation inspection and proposal from their termite treatment alternatives they give throughout Adelaide if you are aware that you have termites or would need preventative protection.

Adelaide Termite Pest Control

You can trust that the Tom’s Pest Control team will find any indication of termites since they follow a thorough inspection process.

Inspecting involves checking:

  • Interiors: Each room’s doorframes, skirting boards, and cabinets are examined from floor to ceiling.
  • Roof void: If the roof void can be accessed, they will use a sounding tool to inspect all of the wood.
  • Subfloor: Termites will typically start their attack on a subfloor in a house.
  • Exterior refers to the entire house’s exterior.
  • Exterior and interior photos of each outbuilding on your property
  • Grounds – the complete grounds, including the fence line, garden beds, trees, and landscaping timbers


Need Termite Treatment Perth? In Adelaide, Tom’s Pest Control provides comprehensive pest control services to help fight some of the most dangerous termites or white ants on the planet. Termites are known to do more damage to homes and businesses each year—hundreds of millions of dollars more—than both fire and flood combined. In Adelaide, it’s thought that one in every five homes has experienced an attack, so it’s crucial to pick a local business like Tom’s Pest Control, which is based in Adelaide and has the expertise needed to complete the job correctly. 

They employ the most recent technology to make sure that their systems are effective against all types of termites and are designed to safeguard your house or place of business against infestation. Tom’s Pest Control can create a package to meet your unique needs and provide a wide range of other pest control services. Call right away to schedule their termite control Adelaide service!