What UK Real Estate Reality TV Star’ Big V’ Opines About House-Hunting Process?

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Reality TV shows that open a window onto the universe of real estate have been engaging us for quite a long time. Be that as it may, you can really get familiar with some things about the home buying process on the off chance that you look beyond the fun. BBC3’s ‘Rent Like A Boss’ is one incredible show that has helped many struggling tenants find their dream house to call it home. Today, we joined one of the alluring real estate agents from the show, whom you call ‘Big V’ AKA Charles Haward, to reveal top things to be mindful of while searching for a home.

Charles Haward suggests visiting a ton of houses—in any event, 10—before making an offer on one. Also, unquestionably take notes. “At the point when you stroll through a home, have a checklist in hand,” he says. “Write down the perks, jot down the cons, and rate that house from 1 to 10. At the end of a long house-hunting day, all the houses will mix together, and it’s that list that will be the saving grace and help you choose your dream house.”

Haward further warns first-time homebuyers against overspending. “I have witnessed millennials buying a home after going overboard with the expenditure, and it put them in a monetary scrape.  Make sure to remain inside your financial limits, he prompts, in light of the fact that “financial peace of mind merits its weight in gold.” He always encourages prospective purchasers to get their financing set up before they start looking for a home. Numerous houses are purchased and sold overnight. Once you have your home loan pre-approved, you’ll be less likely to lose your dream home while waiting to secure financing.

Homebuyers must also comprehend the genuine value of a home, and for that, you need to spend time in the area. “Keep in mind; you’re not simply purchasing a house, you’re purchasing the neighborhood as well. Before you choose to purchase a house, visit it frequently and on various occasions of day to feel what living there would resemble. Converse with the neighbors and pose inquiries to see whether the neighborhood will give the lifestyle and conveniences you need,” says Haward. With years of serving as a Portico agent who worked as a Sales Director for Keller Williams, the largest, fastest-growing real estate franchise globally, Charles Haward has mastered the realm of real estate, making him the apt person to reveal the nuts and bolts of house-hunting.

Charles Haward further makes new buyers vigilant to do proper homework before buying a recently constructed home. “To siphon these homes out as quick as the builder need to, some of them cut corners like not standing by long enough for cement to fix, or recruiting untrained workforces.” The new development isn’t really downright awful; there is a great deal of advantages to purchasing a pristine home. Simply make sure you go with a builder who makes quality houses,” he says.

Additionally, Charles Haward advises purchasers to consistently get some information about three things: the rooftop, the plumbing, and the electrical system. “In the event that they have issues, these powerful frameworks can be expensive to fix. At the point when you truly accept that you’ve discovered ‘the one,’ it’s not difficult to sweep off your feet….” he says. “However, I urge you to think beyond what you can see. ”

Lastly, you should keep a poker face before the agent. “Daydreaming about a home… simply gives the seller more influence when it comes to negotiation,” he says. “Realtors are incredibly acceptable at understanding feelings and utilizing all of that information to bargain to the last quid. “So, in the event that you need the best deal, you can get, remain quiet about your feelings and control your nerves. After all, this is going to be the biggest financial deal of your life, do not let your emotions ruin the game,” he concludes.