What We Do at Global College Consultancy?

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Schools worldwide are making adjustments to help students get ready for the dynamics of the 21st century. For the purpose of influencing positive educational change and enhancing student accomplishment, many schools, families, and educational organizations rely on the knowledge of education consultants.

Who are Education Consultants?

With a wide range of expertise, education consultants work collaboratively with parents, teachers, and administrators at all educational levels. They have excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills, are organized and detail-oriented. Qualified and experienced education consultants have the ability to adapt their message to any audience. To improve the possibilities of student success, they provide solutions and engage with students, teachers, and schools.

Where does Global College Consultancy Come In?

At Global College Consultancy, you will find a specialized, knowledgeable, competent and committed team of college consultants. Their aim is to make the process of getting ready for and applying to higher education institutions simpler, less demanding, and more fruitful.

The team at Global College Consultancy is led by Harvard, Yale, and Columbia alumnus and a former Chairman of the Yale Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) in Pakistan, with a combined counseling experience of over 65 years.

You can’t go wrong working with the Global College Consultants if you’re a student hoping for a prosperous and promising future, especially when it comes to getting in an Ivy League. They make sure you select the colleges that will best help you achieve your future goals, with credentials that are recognized throughout the world.

The specialized Ivy League team at Global College Consultancy uses their in-depth knowledge and abilities to guide you through an intriguing, demanding, and motivating college experience.

What Does Global College Consultancy Do?

Global College Consultancy provides extensive services that improve your chances of getting accepted into the college of your choice. Some of the main things they do are listed below:

  • Talking to the applicants to advise which college suits their needs and demands the best
  • Providing quality advising during and before the application process
  • Keep the application process and timeline in perspective
  • Essay reviews 
  • Interview preparations
  • Waitlist letters
  • Letter of recommendations
  • Summer guidance
  • A thorough guide for those who want to get into Ivy League

Global College Consultancy answers all requests with an open mind and offers flexible package options for everyone.

Reasons to choose Global College Consultancy

Families and Global College Consultancy work closely together to create the best college decision possible. They work hard to comprehend each student’s skills, passions, and goals so that we may create a personalized plan that is specific to each student. 

Global College Consultancy offers a fully personalized plan that only focuses on your needs rather than a group. Their specialties come in handy if you wish to enter an Ivy League. 

Students can submit their applications, after which the experienced consultants will help you through the process of which college (Ivy League or not) will best suit your requirements.

They offer top-notch consulting services in an environment that is open, honest, and professional. No matter where you are in the world, you can conduct consultations by phone, email, Zoom, Skype, and Whatsapp with them.

They concentrate on assisting candidates as they apply to up to 10 different educational schools. You can select the service you need because their offerings are flexible.

Your future is here

If you are looking to get into an Ivy League, then Global College Consultancy is just the right spot for you. From a personalized plan tailored to your specific needs, to training you, and shaping the future for successful heights – it’s all in one package.


  • How will I meet with my College Coach? Will my Coach be able to meet with me on evenings and weekends?
  • Your meetings can be via Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp video. Depending on location, some meetings may be face-to-face.

We understand that with school going on, meetings must fit into your schedule. Your Counselor will give you appointments accordingly. Evenings and weekends are entirely possible.

  • I’m probably not in the running for admission to a top college. Will you still work with me?
  • We are willing to help all students who are serious about their future. We cater to all kinds of colleges.
  • I just want some help with my essays. Is there a package for me?


  • When should I start working with you?

The earlier, the better. As soon as you decide that you wish to apply for higher education, you are ready to start. It can be as early as Grade 9; however, it should not be left too late. If you are already in Grade 12, it is time to start. Have a chat with us, in any case, and we can guide you.

Can you guarantee me admission to a particular school? What is your success rate?

We have a very high success rate; however, we cannot guarantee admission.

The counseling process involves a lot of personal details. I’m nervous about sharing them with a stranger.

We never share the personal information of any student with anyone. This information is strictly confidential. We respect your privacy.

Do you help students receive scholarships?

Scholarships are merit-based. When we see that a student is capable of receiving a scholarship, we do help them. Many of the students we have counseled have received very good scholarships, the best going up to full tuition or even more.

  • How do you keep up-to-date on the changing landscape of college admissions?
  • Our contacts with the university admissions officers keep us updated; we are always alert and watchful of developing changes and events in the admissions.
  • What is the parent’s role in guiding their child through the college admissions process?

Parents need to be aware of the progress of the application, they also need to be aware of the costs they will be undertaking, and they need to be very open and frank about any concerns they may have. For students applying for financial aid, parents have to fill and submit forms declaring their financial status. The parents’ support and interest can be very motivating for their children.

  • Do you offer services for students applying to Grad School?

We shall start that service eventually. At this time we are working with undergraduate applicants.