What You Must Have When Moving to Bellevue

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Bellevue is a beautiful city on the outskirts of Seattle that is best known for gorgeous real estate and incredible people.  Although the prices here are a lot higher than in most of the state, the quality of life you can find in this riverside town is unlike any other! You Must Have When Moving to Bellevue


Here are all of the necessities you should grab before heading/moving to Bellevue!

A Good Parka or Jacket

Similar to Seattle, Bellevue is known for its incredible amount of rain and cloudy days that can crop up.  If you want to blend in as a local as quickly as possible, the best way to make friends, you should get a good quality parka or rain jacket ahead of time.  None of the locals use umbrellas unless the rain is torrential, so having a great go-to rain jacket you can grab will keep you dry!

A Car or Reliable Transit

Although there is some small amount of public transit, Bellevue isn’t a very walkable city for the most part.  Before you move to this gorgeous area, it’s a great idea to have a car or other reliable transportation type.  Although bikes are a fantastic option, the amount of rain this city receives isn’t as bike-friendly as you’d home.  Most Bellevue houses for sale have amazing two to four-car garages to ensure everyone can get where they’re going while keeping dry.

Good Savings Prepared

The average home in Bellevue is over a million dollars.  Most people feel that the amount of sticker shock can be scary, but the homes here are truly built to fulfill your every need.  Unfortunately, that means almost everything else in the area is expensive as well. So if you’re planning on moving, you should save at least fifteen to twenty thousand dollars so that you can keep yourself afloat until you find work.


Unless, of course, you come prepared with-

A Job Lined Up If Possible

Having a job before you move out is the perfect way to catch yourself before you fall.  Bellevue is notoriously expensive, but the average income is far higher than the national average: so having a job lined up gives you a safety net before you arrive. Also, look for a job that has room for upward mobility or gives you a chance to springboard off into your own business because this isn’t a city where you can live off $15 an hour.

An Excitement for the Outdoors

Nothing is as wonderful as enjoying some time outdoors.  Bellevue washes away your fear of high price tags and expensive homes and reminds you why Washington is the state to live in.  Plenty of beautiful parks, gorgeous views, and wonderful scenic areas to hike and walk in make this city worth it.  Every step you take in Bellevue can feel like heaven, and it’s more than worth the price tag that comes with it.


This is the best city in Washington, as long as you can afford it!  Take your time to get to know the area, have a good savings built up, and you’ll never want to leave.

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