What You Need To Know About Electronic Gas Regulators?

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Electronic gas pressure regulator serve the purpose of reducing gas pressure which is being supplied from a high pressure cylinder or another pneumatic system. It is quite difficult to reduce or maintain pressure of gas if the supply is high and it is not possible to do so manually. In the past and still manual pressure regulators are being used in different industries. These kinds of regulators can surely bring down the pressure of gas but not with accuracy. There is always a chance of loss when it comes to using the manual regulators. This is why experts recommend that one should use the modern pneumatic pressure regulator electronic devices for getting best output results.

There are two different kinds of electronic gas pressure regulator devices that you should know about. These include direct operated and pilot operated pressure regulators. Both of these electronic gas pressure regulators have a stronger design compared to the manual devices which is why they are preferred over the old devices. Now in this post we are going to discuss the key difference between the two gas or air pressure control valves.

Key difference between direct operated and pilot operated gas pressure regulator! 

First let us discuss the direct operated pressure regulator. Know that this type of electronic gas pressure regulator is also known as self operating regulation devices. These are the simplest kinds of digital pressure regulator that you can see in the market today. In this regulator the adjustments to the gas pressure and flow are made automatically by the equipment itself and there is no need for any additional pilot which was the basic requirement in the old pressure regulator devices. The basic components of the direct operated pressure regulator are just a plug, seat, diaphragm and spring. The operator has to just set the pressure point at which they want the pressure output to be maintained at. The rest would be managed by the regulator itself.

On the other hand the pilot operated regulator as the name tells us is the one which involves the use of a pilot along with all other components of the direct operated regulator. Know that the working of the pilot operated electronic gas pressure regulator is quite similar to that of modern electronic air pressure regulator devices. Other than the additional pilot, these regulators also have an external sense line. The sense line operates with the piping of the cylinder and provides an accurate gas flow. These kinds of regulators are used in big industries where it is important to maintain high pressure of gas with 100% accuracy.

Final words

When you are choosing an electronic gas pressure regulator you need to make sure that you know all about the application you need it for. Other than this you need to check out how much pressure can be maintained by these devices, whether or not they can maintain temperature and also check the service life of these regulators. Know that there are different kinds of gas and electronic fuel pressure regulator models available in the market. You need to choose the one which suits your requirements.