When is it time to sell your business?

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Time is a finite resource, and you do not want to spend it on something you don’t like anymore.

This includes your business if you are an entrepreneur, who spent some time building a company from the very beginning and now for some reason would like to take a step aside. There could be many different reasons to decide to sell your business:

  • Decreasing health that leaves less and less time and energy for you to enjoy your life and spend valuable time with your loved ones.
  • Unfortunate personal matters – divorce, separation, death of someone close. This could be very difficult and stressful times and recovery would need all your time and effort to get well as fast as you can.
  • Changing economy. Your business may be in danger because of technological innovations or the overall situation in the world economy is taking a toll on your company.

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If you own and developing a company that has had its ups and downs, and you are not really sure if you should keep working on it and wondering: “When should I sell my business?” – we prepared this short article for you to, maybe, find something that would help you make a decision to sell your business or try some different approach.

Every business is unique as every personal story and economical citation for each individual company, so we chose several big signs that may show that it is time for you to think about your retirement and start looking for a buyer for your company.When is it time to sell your business?

Your business it too big for you

You may have started it in your garage, but overtime you hired some people and at some moment you realize that your employees have big plans and strategies for the future of your company that are bigger than yours, and you would prefer to keep things small and simple. That is not a good sign in any case:

  • You could be wrong, and your workers could be right – your company needs to grow to keep evolving and developing, and you would be the reason that some other business would rise for the occasion and take the share of the market that would eventually force you out of the industry.
  • You could be right, and your workers have plans and ambitions that are too big for this company and in the end they would become frustrated and not very efficient.

Sometimes the question of when you can sell your business is not as important as when you should sell it.When is it time to sell your business?

Your business is too small or is not interesting for you anymore

The opposite might be true as well. You have already seen every kind of challenge that this company may face, and you are becoming distracted and bored and looking for something new and exciting. There are several paths you can take in such a situation and only one of them includes selling your business. You may want to take a little vacation to visualize the future of your company that would be big and interesting enough for you – new region, new product or something completely different. You don’t have to do it alone – you may find another business that faces the same challenges in your industry and team up with them. In that case there would be no selling, but rather a merger of two companies for better and brighter future.

Your industry is shrinking

Throughout history technological development was the reason for several industries to disappear completely or become very small and not as successful as they were before. If you own a company in such an industry it would be better for you to think about selling your business while you are still ahead in this race. You could use your time and energy to develop a new company in the new market, or have a well deserved rest and spend some valuable time with your family and friends. Or this may be your opportunity to expand your operations and look for other smaller businesses to acquire.When is it time to sell your business?

Best time to sell a business

The best time to sell a business is when you are ready. And the best way to be ready is to have a plan for this kind of scenario. Professionals recommend beginning preparations long before you would reach the moment of the signing of the final deal. Best case scenario is you set a three-year plan before the selling and stick to it the best way possible.

This kind of plan should include not only the development of your business, but also making it the best version of the company with the help of your attorney and accountant. All the papers and books should be as much organized and transparent as possible, and all the equipment and vehicles should be repaired and renewed right before the moment you would present your business for the potential buyer. You should also keep in mind the aspect of the cash flow of your business as one of the most important for the future buyers.