White-Glove Delivery Services: Dos and Don’ts

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The proper functioning of any enterprise is impossible without good logistics. When creating a model of the supply chain for your company, it’s necessary to think through every detail. If you are a beginner, it’s better to enlist the support of professionals. Nowadays there are lots of logistics brokers who are able to solve all the transportation issues of your company. Yet, in order to avoid extra expenses, it is still necessary to understand which services you need and which options can be skipped. 

For people who are not familiar with the logistics industry, it may be rather difficult to get through all these unknown terms or abbreviations. The following information will help you to understand what the white-glove delivery service is, what its main peculiarities are when you should order it, and when you don’t. 

Sometimes it isn’t enough for business owners to deal only with a standard set of logistics services. Modern entrepreneurs deal with a wide range of items. Some of them require special or even delicate treatment. For others, it’s necessary to create and maintain a definite temperature regime. When it comes to the transportation of some equipment or furniture items, not all shippers are ready to deal with arrangements. All the above-described situations present the situation when the white-glove delivery option can be applied. So, what is it? 

The most commonly-used definition sounds like the way of shipping products that require more attention than regular parcels due to their sizes, values, or fragility. In other words, if special care is needed, the white-glove delivery may be used. 

At the same time, if you have to transport construction materials or simple supplies, it isn’t a good idea to order this option. First, you are to explore larger expenses. Although white-glove delivery allows you to savor high-quality transportation services, it is not the most affordable solution for businesses. It entails additional fees. Their sizes and numbers may differ from company to company. 

If you are still interested in white-glove delivery services, you should know how to get the most from this option. It’s important to place an order in the right way. The following details should be indicated:

  • The type of cargo. This option is applicable not for all types of items. For instance, you are unlikely to find a forwarder who is ready to deal with dangerous elements. 
  • Desirable options. If it is necessary to transport fragile items, you have to indicate this. If your task is to get the fully arranged furniture set in a new office, you are to inform your broker about this. All the details should be included in the contract. 
  • Clear pricing policy. All prices should be reasonable.   

You should keep in mind that not all forwarders are able to provide white-glove delivery services. For instance, if you cooperate with Excel Logistics forwarding company, you may count on detailed explanations about the variety of available options and their peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages.  

To conclude, it’s a good thing to highlight the importance of the right choice of logistics partners and services. With the help of professionals, even the most intricate cargo may be delivered to the destination point without delays and damages.