Who can become a copywriter?


Editors tend to be mostly artistic people . This dominant characteristic is a clear testament to the artistry and creativity that are the keys to writing powerful and impactful texts. The path to this career is rarely the same for two copywriters! This field is populated by an eclectic mix of writers with formal education, others without degrees, people who have successfully transitioned to copywriting from other sectors, and those who have recognized their passion for writing. ‘writing …

who can do the job of copywriter?

Again to give you an example I didn’t even know about copywriting at first. It was a client, for whom I was creating marketing strategies, who advised me to look into the subject. I was then able to train myself with the best through online copywriting course, books and seminars in the United States Anyone who wants to and is ready to accept the freelance lifestyle can become a copywriter. Personally I think it is necessary to have a baggage on sale because it is the primary purpose of copywriting. Just knowing how to write is not enough. You have to have that penchant for persuasion and the business side.

Do YOU ​​have to become a copywriter?

To be successful in this field, you will need to be more than just a writer who is good at spelling and grammar (besides, I’m bad at spelling …) You will need to have a tough skin and be able to accept constructive criticism from your superiors and clients. You are the reason for a dazzling success, but also for the failure of a campaign … If you choose to work as a freelance, you will have to accept the inevitable and biggest challenge of young entrepreneurs. You will be faced with a terrible vicious cycle if you don’t know what to do: you can’t get a job with experience and you can’t get experience without a job. So I created for you a complete guide allowing you to launch your activity, find your first customer and set your prices correctly! I’ll admit it… It can be difficult to land projects and clients without a portfolio of completed work or a well-established network. My guide will then help you start your new career as a successful copywriter. In doing so, copywriters can showcase their skills and talents from personal contacts or small clients on a budget who are willing to work with a newbie in exchange for an affordable price. Whenever the job is done, their wallet, their confidence, and their business grows.

Another familiar characteristic of freelance copywriting is “party or famine”. Every freelancer experiences highs and lows, times of high demand and others when there is no work at all. Freelancers in the field need to be comfortable with these ups and downs and learn to use the lulls to focus on the marketing activities that will ultimately make famines less frequent.

make a living from your freelance copywriter activity

To cope with the holidays, when they’re too busy to handle every project and every aspect of their business, freelancers turn to outsourcing and collaborate with other professionals to fill in the gaps. For example by using platforms like Malt or Upwork . 

What are the qualities to be a copywriter?

Without exception, successful copywriters have these attributes and skills:

  • Imagination and creativity
  • Empathy (most important)
  • A constant attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Patience
  • Another quality: Be professional
  • Working as a freelance copywriter = having professional clients too.

It is therefore essential to have the ability to negotiate and communicate with professionalism. Because of course, if your job as a copywriter is done alone (for the writing part), you have to exchange regularly with your client, his teams and his clients. If writing is largely a solitary activity. It is a matter of consultation and collaboration. You must therefore have the will and the ability to listen, discuss, review and revise your work.

Have a proven writing ability

It is certainly imperative to believe in yourself as an entrepreneur (if you are going freelance). But to make a living as a copywriter, you need other people to recognize you as a talented writer.

Copywriting as a good business from scratch

A copywriter can work as a freelancer (for himself) or on the staff of a company or a copywriting agency. Freelancing can be considered a business, because a specialist himself attracts clients, sells his services and makes a profit. To be successful, you will have to be not only a copywriter, but also a marketer, salesperson, accountant.

Is copywriting possible from scratch? It depends on what you mean by this. Yes, to work as a copywriter you don’t need a philologist or journalist education. But to start working, and most importantly, to make money, you will need both knowledge and skills. With desire and perseverance, everything is possible, but the path “under the palm tree” will not be as easy as the sellers of some courses promise.

How to become a copywriter: where to start

Have no idea how to become a copywriter without experience? Don’t worry, everyone was once a beginner and started from scratch. Even such venerable editors as Nata Zayats.

And then I just started working first as a blogger, then as an editor at the WebpromoExperts Academy. Now I edit texts and work with authors 80% of the time. But in order not to lose my grip, I learned how to write texts for landing pages and make prototypes, develop commercial proposals, write scripts for videos, maintain channels in Telegram, adhering to a certain tone of voice, write eyeliners and perky posts, letter chains. And in order to understand what digital authors are writing about, I took several courses – in SEO, SMM, content marketing. Well, about editing, of course.

Who is a copywriter, how to become a copywriter

The term “copywriter” came to us from the West. The first copywriters were engaged in the development of slogans, scripts for videos, advertising messages. Nowadays, copywriters are those who create texts for business. It is not always direct advertising that encourages you to buy here and now. An article in the company’s blog can also be useful – to work for trust and loyalty, to stir up interest in services.