Why are custom keychains fantastic for marketing?

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Most people don’t think of keychains as an item they need, but they are one product everyone needs to keep their keys organized. A good keychain makes everyday tasks like unlocking your car or house much more effortless. The best quality keychains offer functionality and intuitive design, and you can add personal touches to fit a specific need. You can customize keychains to make them more than a functional product. Custom keychains are beautiful products suitable for gifts, promotions, fundraisers, etc.

Why are custom keychains fantastic for marketing?

There are “meh” and unique promotional products; custom keychains belong in the second category.

  • Helpful: Custom keychains are practical items that make a person’s life easier. E.g., a flashlight keychain helps organize keys and helps the person in the dark.
  • Budget-friendly: Most small organizations struggle to reach a broad audience because of the lack of a marketing budget. They need something practical that provides a good investment return; custom keychains fit the role wonderfully. Companies can produce promotional keychains in bulk without breaking a bank.
  • Durable: Promotional products like custom socks, t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pens, etc., have a limited shelf life. Even the highest-quality socks and t-shirts will last for 2-3 years. But, a high-quality custom keychain will last 5-6 years easily. Your business will get almost daily and long-term exposure helping to ingrain your name into receivers’ minds.
  • Versatile: A keychain is a highly versatile product; you can easily customize it according to your needs. E.g., If you have an outdoor adventure company, you can create custom carabiner keychains to value people’s lives and remind them of your business.

Things to consider when designing custom keychains:

Three important things to consider when creating promotional keychains:

  • Design: The design of your promotional keychains will differentiate your business from your competition. Consider the number of keys the keychain can hold during the design process. You also want to think about the functionality you wish to provide. E.g., bottle opener keychains can help keep keys and help people enjoy their favorite beverages.
  • Portability: One of the most significant advantages of using promotional keychains is their portability. You don’t want to make it too big that it would become tedious to carry around.
  • Durability: You don’t want to give cheap-looking fragile keychains made from paper, clothes, etc. A keychain is made to be handled roughly; keep that in mind while designing.
  • Budget: It is one of the essential factors in deciding how to create custom keychains.
  • Customer type: What kind of customers are you looking to target? Whether your audience is young or high-value customers like business executives, CEOs, Directors, etc. You don’t want them to give low or average quality products.
  • Distribution model: How are you looking to distribute keychains? Are you planning a public event like tradeshows, conferences, or handing out to a few selected people?

PVC and custom metal keychains take care of all the mentioned issues, and both have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

Metal Keychains PVC Keychains
Long lasting, sturdy & functional More fanciful
Chances of rust No rust
Higher cost Pocket-friendly
High maintenance No maintenance
Looks elegant and professional Fun and colorful

Although both the metallic and PVC custom keychains have pros and cons, metallic keychains come on top when it comes to durability and performance. They exude an elegant and luxurious look that will turn some heads and are suitable for high-value clients and customers. You can also give them to employees for receiving a milestone, birthdays, work anniversaries, holidays, etc.

Laser engraving and screen printing techniques create your logo and design on custom metal keychains. In the screen printing technique logo is applied to the surface of the keychain, while in the laser engraving, the material is removed, creating a permanent design on the keychain. The method helps provide a higher level of fine details to the artwork.

Laser engraving on custom metal keychains:

A high-powered laser beam is used to create logos/ designs on custom metal keychains. The metal revealed underneath has a silvery-white color showing the artwork and then is covered using a polished chrome finish. The engraving can appear lighter or darker than the surrounding material. E.g., if the keychain reflects a darker background, the engraving appears similar to white, and if it reflects a white background, it will appear darker. The less contrast, the logo/ design becomes more subtle on less reflective materials. The base material and finish will vary according to the keychain, but the concept remains unchanged.

Tone-on-tone custom metal keychains:

It is a technique to create a more refined look in the finished product. The process provides a silvery colored engraving against a silver background making the image “pop” according to the lighting conditions and viewing angle. You can control how the engraving will appear, having various shades according to the reflected background.

Get your hands on custom metal keychains:

For making an impression, you require high-quality custom metal keychains. But, the process is challenging and requires a high degree of experience and expertise. It would help if you had a reliable manufacturer like EverLighten with eighteen years of experience creating custom keychains, including metallic ones for startups, corporates, nonprofits, etc.

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