Why Choose Virgin Human Hair Bundles Over Other Extensions?

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The benefits of hair extension can’t be counted on fingers, but if we talk about human hair bundles, the benefits go beyond counting. They help you get the desired hair look you always dreamt of and provide the most comfort and convenience than other hair extensions.

If you are planning to buy a set of hair extensions, especially the semi-permanent ones, this blog is a must-read. It will help you get the idea about why to choose human hair bundles over the other extension and help you make the right purchasing decision. So let’s get started.


Benefits of Human Hair Bundles

Let us first check some of the major plus points of having human hair bundles in the pointers below.

  • Easy To Style

Human hair bundles managed to act like your natural hair. They can treat and styled easily in any texture you wish. As the human hair bundles are sewn all over your head, it gives the freedom of easy and any direction partition, allowing you to carry multiple hairstyles, which is impossible with traditional middle-parted lace wigs or clip-ins.

Since the human hair bundles work like your real hair, the heat styling does not compromise the quality and helps you style your hair freely.

  • Can washed

Yes, the other human hair extensions can be washed too, but human hair bundles can be washed more easily. As they are like your hair growing out of your scalp, you can simply stand in the shower. And clean them with sulfate-free products to freshen them up.

Whereas if you go for clip-ins or lace wig extensions, you have to be very careful about the base as the exposure to water might ruin the extension piece.

  • Multiple Varieties

The human hair bundles come in various textures, lengths, and volumes. In contrast, if you are buying clip-in extensions or ponytail extensions, they come with standard weft width, which, if altered with scissors, may mess up the whole look of your extension piece.

Also, as the human hair bundles are flexible to treatment, it offers even more variety to experiment with in terms of hair colors.

  • Overall Instant length and volume

When you get human hair bundles installed, they give you length and volume overall evenly spread on the scalp, unlike the clip-in extensions or frontals and closures that only capacitate to give you the same in the specific regions. This way, when there is an even spread of human hair bundles on the head, the texture, volume, and density look fine, elevating your look instantly.

  • Unlimited hairstyles

Generally, people use curly hair extensions to change their curly hair look, and what is the fun if you are not even able to do multiple hairstyles with your extensions as well. 

Hair extensions like clip-ins, ponytail extensions, or lace wigs allow you to experiment with specific hairstyles that align with the weft or laces on which they have made. This leaves you with a very small room for hair experimentation and, after some time, becomes boring too. Whereas the human hair bundles give you overall length and volume and unlimited options to style your hair whichever way you want. Because they work well with heat, partitions, and stylings, the hairstyle options are infinite

  • Comfortable

Human hair bundles behave like natural hair, making it super easy to wear and carry them around. You need not fix your lace, tame the edges, hide the clips or tapes and just walk with them like they are yours for real.


Whereas, when you wear clip-in extensions or drawstring ponytails, the clips and taps might irritate you a bit. Also, the lace wigs could suffocate your scalp leading to itching, and keratin tip extensions could harm your hair. But, when you get human hair bundles, all of these issues just disappear because these extensions get directly sewn on your real hair allowing the ventilation and freedom of hiding the extension base.

  • Masks split ends

Human hair bundles stand super strong in concealing the split ends of your natural hair. Because they all get braided, and bundles have sewn over them. However, in the case of clip-in extensions or tape-ins, your natural hair has still exposed. And even if you try, you cannot mask them completely with them.

  • Long-lasting

As the human hair bundles act like you’re real hair. They can go for a longer duration and even stand a scope of reusability once removed. 

In the case of other hair extensions like braiding hair, lace wigs, and clip-ins, you have to be very particular about the whole unit, including hair, base, and installation catalyst (tapes, lace, or clips).

  • Gives you confidence:

Having gorgeous voluminous hair automatically boosts confidence and makes you feel attractive. Well, the volume and length have achieved by other extensions too, but they always leave a scary spot in mind. What if someone notices edges? What if clips are showing or tapes start to slide down? This constant fear could also affect your confidence and make you cautious about moving around with them. However, with human hair bundles, this fear is never the point of discussion as the installation is seamless. And you can move around comfortably without fearing extension exposure.

  • Low Maintenance 

Human hair bundles are very easy to maintain because you do not have to do extra handling and care of storage, cleaning, or styling. They require some quality sulfate-free hair products. And they go well with them for months in good shape, especially if you buy Virgin Remy human hair bundles. There is no hair fall at all; washing keeps your hair still in texture and stays in its best shape. But, in the case of other extensions, you have to be a little careful about touchups or cleaning them off.


Every extension is unique and serves its purpose, but human hair bundles have the quality of every extension. And manage you to give the look and feel you desire in every way possible.

If you want extensions with limitless styling options with low maintenance and look seamless installation. There has nothing better than getting human hair bundles installed. Just make sure you buy them from good brands like Indique, dealing in Remy virgin human hair bundles. That works well with heat and colors and can bounce back to the real texture after a wash. You can visit their offline or online store to explore multiple textures available in human hair bundles.