Why Migrating to Office 365 has become essential for growing businesses.

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More and more businesses are Migrating to Office 365 from their traditional on-premises environment. This service is changing the way companies work today. After its release in 2012, Office 365 has evolved from just a productivity suite to one of the most dominant software in its category. Its ability to integrate with cloud-based services has opened several new doors in terms of collaboration and productivity for some companies. Many organizations were initially reluctant to adopt the next generation of MS Office. But, moving to Office 365 has some advantages. Let’s investigate it:

  1. Flexible working from anywhere 

Office 365 Migration saves time and hassle by enabling employees to access company files away from the office without setting up a VPN. Moving to the cloud allows employees to work from anywhere as long as they have access to an internet connection. It’s great for progressive companies to allow flexible working hours for their employees to improve productivity. Files are centrally located in Microsoft data centers, so you have a single source of data. When I make changes to a document at home, my colleagues at the office see the changes. Gone are the days of using an Excel document to email new versions of your data.

  1. Business data is secure

MS Office 365 has several security features to ensure your business stays safe in the cloud. Office 365 applications can be accessed via TLS/SSL encryption. This ensures that even if your files or communications are intercepted by a malicious person, they cannot be read. MS continuously monitors our systems with regular security scans and is constantly on the lookout for suspicious activity. They have strong incident response protocols in place. Moreover, when you do Office 365 migration from a trusted provider, they provide you with Desktop as a Service so that you can easily access your data from anywhere and at any time.

  1. Instantaneous access to the new features

As mentioned above, MS is committed to ensuring your business is protected in the cloud. Immediate updates are provided for all Office 365 solutions. You may no longer need to go through a continuous cycle of manually updating your enterprise software. Rest assured that your network is not vulnerable to anyone wanting to exploit older versions. And with access to new features, as they are introduced, employees can be more productive with new technology.

  1. Large mailbox storage

All companies have mailbox storage capabilities. Regardless of the type of email, even spam, the message remains in your inbox and can be easily deleted. This can cause problems on internal servers, filling up storage with old files that are not needed for the company’s current functionality. If you can migrate to Office 365, your employees will be able to safely manage their files and email in the cloud. Office 365 comes with a huge storage capacity. You can even automate the entire backup process, so you don’t have to spend time doing it manually.


When planning a large-scale O365 migration, getting professional migration support from a service provider like Apps4Rent is essential. These providers not only help you with O365 Migration but also offer application hosting services such as QuickBooks Premier Hosting so that it is easy for you to retrieve your data easily even at the time of a disaster.