Why Should You Enroll For Real Estate Training Institute’s Broker’s License Course?

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Earning an MS real estate license offers tons of benefits to beginner investors. With a broker’s license, you’ll become independent in your career. You won’t have to look up to other brokers or become their salesperson. Instead, you’ll be in charge and can always go for properties of your choice. That’s not all; a real estate license can also provide you with networking opportunities.

One of the most effective ways to earn an MS real estate license today is by enrolling in the Real Estate Training Institute broker’s license course. But what exactly does this course include and what exactly do you stand to benefit from it?

What is the MS Real Estate Training Institute broker’s license course?

The Real Estate Training Institute broker’s license course is a pre-exam course recommended for people looking to earn Mississippi real estate license.


This course, which is divided into different sections, comes with a lot of perks for you:

  • First, this real estate training course comes with sixty hours of classroom courses.
  • By enrolling, you’ll gain unlimited access to the course for 6 months.
  • There are also instructor PowerPoint videos in place to assist you when studying for your broker’s license exam.
  • You’ll get free access to more than 3000 different exam questions regarding broker’s license.
  • This real estate training course also includes Mississippi specific book with quizzes

What does this course include?

As earlier mentioned, the Real Estate Training Institute Broker’s License Course is divided into different sections. Each section of the course carries a certain percentage of the entire broker’s license course.

  1. Section One: Property ownership (10% of the entire course)

The first section of this pre-exam course focuses on property ownership. For this section, you’ll learn about the different types of legal descriptions, including government surveys, Metes & bounds, and Lot & block.

Furthermore, this section also discusses the importance of “encumbrances” and their effect on investors.

2. Section Two: Land use controls and regulations (5% of the entire course)

The second section of the Real Estate Training Institute Broker’s License Course focuses on the rights of government in lands, including the different regulations that relate to land use. You’ll learn about how taxes work for property acquisition.

3. Section Three: Valuation and market analysis (7%)

The third section covers 7 percent of the entire course. It discusses everything you need to know about valuation and market analysis. Here, you’ll get to understand why appraisals are essential for the valuation of properties.

4.Section four to eleven: others

Below are the other sections included in this Real Estate Training Institute Broker’s License Course:

  • Financing (8%)
  • General principles of agency (11%)
  • Property disclosures (7%)
  • Contracts (18%)
  • Leasing & Property Management (5%)
  • Transfer of Title (7%)
  • Real estate practice (14%)
  • Real estate calculations (8%)

What is the passing grade? 

For you to earn this certification, you need to meet up with the least passing grade of 80%.

How to gain access to this Broker’s License Course?

For you to be eligible for this Real Estate Training Institute Broker’s License Course, you need to meet certain conditions:

  • First, you have to be 21 years old or over to access this course.
  • Furthermore, you need to possess a legal domicile in Mississippi.

You can learn more about how our Real Estate Training Institute Broker’s License Course can help you elevate your career.

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