Why Social Media Is Important for Real Estate Business Marketing

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It’s 2021 and everything is changing very drastically, social media is a very effective form of communication where it can find audiences in the right place at the right time.

According to the sources online, about 75% of real estate agents use social media and as you know that most of the famous social media today is in form and that is Facebook and then it’s followed by Instagram.

Earlier the real estate marketing use to rely on cold calling & traditional marketing but now with the ultimate growth of social media, it has helped to increase its new age of marketing with so many ways around.

Fierce competition in the Realty sector implies that developers need to rely exclusively on advertising & promotional activities to familiarise their products to its target audiences.

Realtors are enticed towards social sites such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn sheerly due to their number of followers, which goes into millions.

As you are aware of the deadly coronavirus pandemic the real estate business has occurred extensively influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. Dissimilar to many small businesses, nevertheless, agencies are furthermore overlooking a flourishing market. Real Estate earlier use to use traditional marketing eg advertising & print. But as you can see now that the real estate is now embracing social media to showcase their value, properties virtually.

According to the sources, 50% of the real estate agents were sourced to new clients because of social. Real Estate agents are truly savvy, with limited sources available they build meaningful relationships and get more clients as well.

Personal branding is really important behind your real estate business

Real estate business strives on aggressive marketing strategies. Relentless competition in this sector makes it critical for a business to be armed with a game plan.

In today’s digital world, it becomes essential to have a presence on social/web just to be on par with one’s competitors and also to reach a wider market.

Herein a few points have been mentioned below that can have a decisive impact on the social media strategy of a business.


Social Media Strategy For Real Estate Business.


Audience Connect:


Once you are on social media, it is vital to connect with your target audience. For a realty developer, it means posting content on a consistent basis and during peak times that will lead to more engagements in the form of website clicks and inquiries.


Social Media Budget:


A budget that is specially allotted towards social marketing will make sure that you can get a wider audience courtesy of paid advertising. The norm in recent times has been paid ads since social media is slowly moving from organic to paid marketing.


Try Alternate Channels Of Marketing:


It’s always a feasible option for realtors to explore other facets of digital promotions such as email marketing and Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. This tactic will ultimately lead to more exposure since email is the most widely used application on the Internet.


Post Customer Stories


A satisfied customer is the greatest brand ambassador an organisation can boast of. Instead of the employees speaking about your organisation, it’s always works when your customers speak good about you. This publicity will boost the developer’s reputation amongst its prospective customers.


Focus On Content


What ultimately works on social media is content!!. There are no two ways about it. Be it text, images, videos or infographics, it needs to strike a vibe with your target audience. Eye-catching content will ultimately lead to more viewership for your social media page.


Make a Masterplan


Finally, a social media strategy is best implemented using a master plan. Here the marketers need to take decisions about the best social media channels to use, the type of content, the frequency of posts and the target audience. A well-designed master plan will ultimately lead to greater success in your online marketing efforts.


Advertising on Social Media is all about images, videos, infographics and other forms of multimedia. It’s a platform where, “Content is King”. Social Advertising is also a cost-effective solution compared to offline advertising.

Today’s millennials search for an apartment by visiting an online portal. Social media these days is abuzz with paid as well as organic ads from those from the real estate sector. Developers have now realised its true potential.


Let us discuss a few popular social media sites in brief




The potential of Facebook as an advertising platform is tremendous. Facebook is powered with advanced marketing campaigns which revolves around demography, age and gender-based targeted advertising. This strategy ensures that you get the leads that are relevant for your business.

There are paid as well as organic promotions on Facebook for developers. Insights & analysis are inbuilt making it a powerful medium to build and grow your business.




The success of Insta as it is popularly known has been mind-boggling. It is more of images and videos and this is what makes it a voguish channel to advertise your brand. After being acquired by Facebook, the power of Instagram as a marketing platform has multiplied manifold.

Since Insta has a predominantly graphical interface, it is the most preferred medium for real estate developers to showcase their projects.




Twitter is in a different league as compared to other social channels. It has limitations in its text messages and works more on real-time basis. Nevertheless, it is still a formidable medium for promotional activities purely due to its massive user base.


Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Realty Sector


Targeted Reach:


Facebook & Instagram have filters in its advertising campaigns which lets your ad procure those leads who are more than likely to be converted to potential buyers.




A lingering presence on social media ensures that people familiarise and get acquainted with your brand.




Social Media Marketing substantially reduces a developer’s advertising budget. The surplus funds can be used to enhance the quality of the project.


Increases Market Value:


Developers have an option to post their latest achievements, customer testimonials and new project launches on social media. This increases the organisation’s brand equity and market value.




Social Media has changed the landscape as far as advertising and promotion of real estate projects are concerned.