Why Software Companies System Is Still Important?

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The software business system is by taking a look at the success and failures of some current and past software companies. It discusses why Microsoft, Apple, Google and Oracle have been so successful in sales growth experience with their products. The paper also provides suggestions for other software companies that are trying to market their products in this era of technology.

What Is Necessity Of Software Companies All About?

For the past few decades, computers have played an increasingly important role in both business and personal life. Adoption rates have reached close to 90% in home users. Most people spend more than one hour a day on their computers for work or pleasure (Kluever). They use the computer for all kinds of purposes such as word processing, calculation, presentation creation and many more; A lot of money is also spent buying computer related equipment such as printers, scanners, cameras and even smart phones (Nwaorgu).

What Quality Products An Services Required In Software Companies:

One would expect that with all these uses and expenditures on software and hardware there must be huge returns from using computers, right? Apparently not. It is said that error free software does not exist and the same applies to the businesses that make them. Many startups have been launched with a promising concept but failed due to management issues or insufficient resources. Some companies have succeeded in the business world by providing quality products and services to customers, but they are still far from perfect(Fusco).

In this paper we will focus on how important it is for a software company system to be effective by taking a look at some of those successful cases as well as those failures. We’ll also take a closer look into why Microsoft, Apple, Google and Oracle have been so successful in sales growth experience with their products since their conception (“Microsoft Corporation”).

We will also try to give some suggestions for Software companies in Pakistan  that are trying to market their products in this era of technology.

Sales Growth Experience

Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in sales growth experience with its products since it was founded . Microsoft has continued to grow at an annual rate of over 20% for more than two decades. It dominates operating systems, office suites and web servers, pushing its revenue past $60 billion per year (Fusco). The company has expanded into consumer electronics with the Xbox games console. And the Zune media player, but it faces growing competition from Google’s Android mobile OS (“Microsoft Corporation”).

When it comes to marketing their product, Microsoft rarely makes mistakes. They distribute free software that’s worth to pay for. They offer users cheap upgrades and they always make sure to be first in the market with new products (Greenberg). And it is not only the price of their product but also what comes inside it. Microsoft boasts about having more than 12 million lines of code (“Microsoft Corporation”). That’s almost three times as much as Google or Apple, which indicates that they probably do more things for their software.

Top Necessity of Software Companies Trends This Year

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs , Stephen Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on April 1, 1976, to develop and sell personal computers (Fusco). It became the largest computer company in the world after releasing its widely used operating system Mac OS X. The success of both companies began when IBM approached them to write software for its new personal computer. Apple and Microsoft then began to focus on marketing their products as well as making them. They worked closely with other manufacturers such as Dell and HP, distributing their products worldwide (Greenberg).

Not many people know that Google was actually a system back in the 1990’s, but now it has become one of the most successful companies. Today, Google makes everything from web search and advertising to mobile operating systems and office software (Fusco). It has expanded into hardware and telecommunications by developing Android OS for smartphones and tablets (“Google”). The company is now so big that it is almost impossible to buy any product online. Without seeing an advertisement displayed by Google somewhere on your to checkout.

How to Master Software Companies Interest

Oracle Corporation has become so successful over the last few years. And it is all down to one product: The Oracle Database. Its global revenues started at $200 million in 1990, and grew up to $35 billion in 2010 (“Oracle Corp.”)  They have more than 350,000 customers that come from all sectors such as entertainment, retail, manufacturing and health care. They also collect five American patents a day which means they are spending around $2 billion annually on research and development (Greenberg).  Their sales growth experience is really impressive but not only because of their products . Oracle believes in training its staff for better productivity by providing them with specific courses to improve software quality. They also encourage employees to apply what they on the job, which is a really good idea for any company that wants to improve their sales growth experience.

Truth Behind Successful It Companies:

In 2007, Google announced its own open-source mobile OS Android , as well as several consumer electronic devices such as the Nexus One smartphone and media player (“Google”) . In 2012 it entered the market with the Chrome OS as a low-cost alternative to Windows and Mac OS X.

The success of all these three major companies – Microsoft, Oracle and Google. It has led them into other related markets: office suites (Microsoft Office). Database management systems (Oracle Database) and search engines (Google Search). They all provide services and software that are easy to use because of their product positioning (Apple, Microsoft and Oracle).

Final Words

The success of these software companies is thanks to their effort. It is in developing new products that meet the needs of the need. They also focus on marketing their products by showing them as superior to ones previously released by competitors. Google became successful because it ensured its name was associated with everything online. This ties back into my previous point about how they act like Apple; for instance, they announce updates to all or most of its products at once (“Google”).

Finally, all three believe that high quality training improves productivity . It has led them to offer free courses for software developers so they can improve themselves (“Oracle Corp.”). Also, this is useful when they are training sales people because the more knowledgeable