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Get an online psychologist. We consider the doctor from SMS hospital to be the most prestigious one. If you wonder how online counseling will work in quitting smoking, in that case, you should feel relaxed to know that it is a simple process of identifying the right doctor, paying for the consultation, filling all the case sheets, or other inquiries that have been asked for, and then downloading the prescription to get your medicines. Still, wondering, will all this be enough to help you to quit smoking?

Smoking is an addiction that has been cultivated over the years. To quit smoking, one needs strong determination and willpower. The psychologist is the doctor who specializes in helping you to fight against abuse substance disorder either by psychological treatment. A psychiatrist can help fix all the mental or health issues, medical treatment, or a mix of both. It is best to have an online consultation with a doctor for all psychological and substance abuse disorders.

According to the survey, when anyone smokes for the first time, it is either when a friend offers them; they try to impress someone, or just try it for fun. This oblivion task soon becomes an abusive addiction in no time. It is even more alarming that young adolescents or teenagers are the most vulnerable to harmful substances.

Psychologist Counselling Online

If you are ready to quit smoking and look for expert doctor help, you have many online psychologists in Jaipur. The online consultation is timely help that can help you get rid of the evil habit of smoking.

Online counseling like Effective Marriage Counseling with the psychologist  for any mental help or mental problems, psychological problems, substance abuse disorder, depression, and stress is getting popular in the current scenario. Anyone who lives alone, or is unwilling to step out for his problems, or feels hesitant in sharing his problem, chooses a psychologist in Jaipur consultation online.

How does it work?

The online consultation with the doctor to quit smoking is a simple process. The process includes.

1)Choose the Right Doctor:

It is essential to consult with a psychologist for substance abuse or cigarette addiction. A psychiatrist can also be consulted, but a psychologist has better experience in providing counseling and therapies. Any psychologist who is experienced, well qualified, and passionate about his work is considered the best in his career. There are a few ways through which you can choose the right doctor to help you.

  • The three best-rated rankings:  The ranking website gives rankings to the best in the industry every year only after proper research and examining all the details. Following their website can help to choose the best psychologist in Jaipur.
  • Google reviews: The reviews from patients is the best guide to choose a psychologist for online consultation.
  • Website content: The information available on the website should be informative and authentic.
  • Qualification and experience of the doctor: The doctor with over 10 years of experience and qualified from SMS hospital in Jaipur can be the ideal psychologist in Jaipur for online counseling.

2) Pay for the consultation:

The consultation fees depend on various factors. The calculator for the cost of treatment varies from city to city. Ideally, the cost of treatment depends on the area you live in, the intensity of problems, and the nature of the treatment prescribed. The consultation fees usually fall under the range of Rs 300-Rs660. We can make the payment through net banking, Paytm, google pay, or any other transactional portals.

3)Fill the Questionnaires:

Every psychologist asked their patients to fill some questionnaires and forms to understand the nature of the mental problems. The doctors then set up an appointment with their patients according to the time involved in the consultation. The consultation is done through WhatsApp, zoom meeting, google duo, or any other safe video calling interfaces.

4)Download Prescription:

You can download the prescription sent through emails and get the required medicine from nearby stores. Some psychologists also provide home delivery of the medicine.

Is it something impossible to do?

No, there have been substantial cases where chain smokers have quit smoking in a brief period. Their strong willpower and professional doctor help have helped them to fight against this dangerous temptation and choose a better lifestyle.

Quitting smoking is not that easy. Dr. Sanjay Jain, a renowned psychologist/psychiatrist in Jaipur, shares an innovative and effective way to quit smoking. He says that START is the plan which has helped many of his patients to quit smoking.

START is a well-programmed plan that helps the patients set quit regime by setting up goals and taking all necessary precautions during the process.  START is an acronym for :

Selecting a date when you will start the regime. It would be best if you were mentally, physically, and psychologically prepared before initiating the regime, so you remain motivated throughout the process. The date should be within 2 weeks from the day you conceive this idea to quit cigarettes or e liquids.

Transferring Information to your surroundings to get help from your friends, family, colleagues, and other people who can prompt you, whenever you get distracted. If possible, try this regime with your quit buddy to make the process easier.

You will be distracted many times, but keeping a healthy alternative like nuts, fennel seeds, and sometimes even sugar-free chewing gums can help you eliminate the temptation.

Obliterate the products and their essence from your surroundings. Also, throw away the cigarette packets from your home, offices, and car.

Talking with a professional doctor like a psychiatrist /psychologist or getting online counseling with a psychologist in Jaipur will help you to quit smoking.

The quit smoking doctor may prescribe you medicine, therapies or can even suggest some nicotine patches, gums.

Is e-liquids a safe alternative?

In recent times E-liquids have become the popular alternative for cigarettes. Though we consider it less harmful than smoking cigarettes, it still has negative health impacts. E liquids have flavoring agents and nicotine that can be responsible for some chronic lung diseases. Formaldehyde is one such toxic presence in vaporizers. So it’s not wise to consider e liquids as safe alternatives.

Take Away of the Blog

Online counseling to quit smoking with a psychologist in Jaipur help is quite possible. It mainly depends on the willpower of the psychiatrist’s victim and competency who understand the problems, their causes, and symptoms, and then accordingly provides the treatment that suits the patients.