Wireframing Tips for Creating Attractive and Interactive Front-End Designs


A wireframe is the skeleton of your software’s interface and overall front-end design. Without it, the front-end developer won’t have a direction or layout to follow while creating the UI. A good wireframe can help developers incorporate various design-related bells and whistles in the interface to improve user experience. Hence, our experts, who provide the best software and mobile app development services, will discuss some tips that’ll help you create the perfect wireframe for your digital product:

1.Understand What the Client Wants

Analyzing your clients’ requirements before working on the project can help you meet their expectations. Your design ideas should never conflict with your client. However, if you feel your clients’ expectations are a bit unrealistic or impractical, you can discuss their design requirements and ideas with them until everyone is on the same page. 

2.Creating Wireframes is a Collaborative Process

Creating wireframes is not a one-person job. It involves the input of many individuals working on the software’s UI/UX design and front-end development. For example, having a front-end developer in your team can help you determine whether your design ideas are feasible and practical or not. Moreover, by combining different creative ideas and making good use of the skills of every member of your team, you’ll be able to create an interactive front-end design for your software. 

3.Set Deadlines

Wireframing and UI/UX designing are creative processes, and one would argue that there shouldn’t be any deadlines. Unfortunately, you can’t have this freedom, especially during client-facing projects where on-time delivery is crucial. You should set deadlines to remain on track with the project and deliver the final design or wireframe draft before the mutually agreed due date.  

4.Replace Lorem Ipsum with Real Copy

Lorem ipsum is a piece of placeholder content used by software and web developers for many years. While you can add placeholder content during the initial stages of design and content planning, it shouldn’t be a part of your final design or wireframe draft. A skilled and experienced copywriter can write copies for your concept design or wireframe. They can help you structure and place the content strategically on every page for better impact. Moreover, copywriters or content strategists can help you align design elements properly across different types of screens and designs so that the content doesn’t look out of place. 

5.Learn from Your Mistakes

A wireframing project never progresses linearly. You’ll always go back to change certain design elements based on feedback or to avoid potential obstacles and errors. Sometimes, designers also have to revamp the entire page. However, instead of fearing such failures, you should learn from them. Always write down your mistakes somewhere to avoid them in future projects. This will not only improve the quality and practicality of your wireframes, but you will also be able to deliver the final concept design to your clients efficiently.

6.Be Open to Feedback

As mentioned previously, wireframing is a creative process. Hence, you can’t be right all the time. You shouldn’t hesitate to step outside and ask your colleagues, seniors, and team members for feedback. They might provide valuable suggestions that you can use to improve your wireframe. Also, if you’re working on a project independently, upload your concept design on Slack networks or professional groups for better ideas and suggestions. 

7.Adopt the Agile Methodology

Many companies in the IT industry have adopted agile methodology over the years. Instead of focusing on individual steps, agile helps teams work towards deliverables. Teams consider building on agile due to its “people-centric” approach. While working on a project, you should share your ideas and feedback with your team members and clients to ensure everyone is on the same page. During the final stages of your project, break down the remaining tasks and objectives to determine what’s left to accomplish. 

8.Ensure Consistency

Experimenting with different design elements and ideas while creating a wireframe for your software is good. But, make sure the overall theme of the UI remains consistent. For example, use similar font styles while writing content and keep the size, design, and layout of buttons and various other design elements consistent. A consistent page layout will make your software’s UI look professional and trustworthy. 

9.Test Your Wireframes

Before delivering the final draft to your clients or shareholders, you should thoroughly test your wireframes and check if there’s any room for improvement. It’s crucial to analyze how real users will interact with the page and how easily usable the overall interface is. You can share your wireframe with your team members or colleagues for feedback. We recommend hiring usability testers online if you’re working independently on a project. They’ll assess the design and layout of your pages and might suggest important changes. 

10.Come Up with Different Concepts

If you have enough time, you can design different wireframes and choose the best one based on your client’s, shareholders’, or team members’ feedback. Just because a design works doesn’t mean it’s your best possible effort. There’s always room for improvement, and to create the best front-end design, you should constantly revise your wireframes and develop different versions for comparison. We recommend creating at least 3 concept designs for every page. This will make a great impression on your clients and help you pick the best possible implementation of your design idea.

To implement design ideas in the best way possible, the designer or developer should be skilled enough to understand their clients’ requirements and vision and deliver an end product that meets or exceeds their expectations. In that case, opting for software and mobile app development services can help you achieve your project goals efficiently and exceed your clients’ or stakeholders’ expectations. Most companies that want to go digital with their products and services choose one of the best mobile app development company in the US.