You Should Understand before Buying Marble Floor tiles 

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When buying marble floor tiles, keep in mind their color, finishing, prices, and slip resistance. Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles is an affordable yet classy choice. Marble is considered the most elegant and fine flooring option. Natural marble is taken from mountains all around the world. Moreover, marble has a great variety of colors, shapes, finishes, and sizes available.

In addition, marble is greatly in demand for home and office interior projects. So, it is well known as a modern classic, and luxurious material with the finest features such as durability, exceptional versatility, classic designs, and inspiration to renovate your home.

However, there is a huge line of marble designs and colors but Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles are one of the iconic designs. So, this will give your home a very elegant, yet minimal look with its gold color veins on it. So, marble is of a highly porous nature so it should be cleaning regularly to maintain its colors and shine.

Lastly, here down below will be throwing light on some of the basic details of Marble Floor Tiles. So, they will help you greatly in designing your home and give a sleek finish to it.

List Of Content:

  1. Marble Flooring Tiles Color Range
  2. Marble Flooring Tiles Finishes
  3. Marble Floor Tiles Slip Resistance
  4. Marble Floor Tiles Cost
  5. Conclusion

Marble Flooring Tiles Color Range:

So, marble floor tiles come in a variety of colors. Therefore, the marble design range is considering very diverse with 100s of elegant and classy options to choose from. Moreover, there are contrast tones in the basic colors of marble tiles called veining. So, veining patterns are so intricately done by nature. So, they make the perfect outlook of marble to make your home interior one finest piece of design and style.

Few of the Basic Color Ranges:


Carrara white marble is used classically in Italy and Greece in ancient architecture. So, the iconic marble statues and Giant strong pillars just add beauty to Rome and Athens history. In addition, Carrara marble comes in great variety and colors from warmer white tones to lighter tones of white. Moreover, the basic white tones have intricate veining of light gray shades to make them the perfect choice for indoor and outdoor home interiors.


So, Calacatta is also of white tone which resembles the elegant Carrara marble type. However, it is more of white tones with dark gray veining which gives it a beautiful contrast. In addition, Calacatta marble also comes in the best calacatta gold marble floor tiles tone which can be used in home flooring. Lastly, it gives a very sleek and royal look to your home interior. So, you can get your hands on this beautiful piece of marble type in the Nesttiles store.

Marble Flooring Tile Finishes:

So, the Finishing of marble makes it look complete and more beautiful. Therefore, the above types of marble can be finishing with either high gloss or matte finishes. It depends majorly on the choice of the customer as well.

Polished Marble:

Polished marble is always in high demand. So, you can get the high gloss, and polish the surface in marbles tiles by grinding it with a stone grinding machine. Moreover, the more you grind the more it will shine. In addition, polishing of marble exposes the veining of marble hence makes it look shiny, glossy, and luxurious. Lastly, with regular care and maintenance, you can make your marble look clean, shiny, and long-lasting.

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Honed Marble:

This is a comparatively lighter finishing. So, this will only give your marble floor a flat and smooth finish. However, there is not much shine and marble will look more matte. Lastly, this type of finishing makes the marble more slip resistive.

Marble Floor Tiles Slip Resistance:

Usually, the slip resistance of the marble floor is judg by the finishing of the floor. So, a polished marble has very low slip resistance especially when wet. Therefore, polish marble in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens, and entryways is a serious slip hazard zone. In addition, it also makes polish marble unsafe for use in homes with older people and kids.

Moreover, you can increase the slip resistance either by using area rugs or floor runners in areas of high traffic or more slippery zones of the home. You can also use a non-slip product on the floor to increase slip resistance without reducing its shine. So, prefer using hone marbles as they are naturally more slip-resistant and safe for home use.

Marble Floor Tile Cost:

Although, marble gives a really luxurious look to your home floor. So, first, make up your budget and then search out marble tiles according to your pocket and desire. Moreover, there is a huge variety and price ranges of marble tiles. 

The cost of marble floor tiles ranges from $3 to $20 per square foot. Therefore, marble can be a little expensive choice for a home interior. Moreover, there are discount stores selling marble floor tiles at low prices.

In addition to purchasing costs, there is a labor cost that involves quarrying and finishing. The cost of marble also depends on the density and veining patterns. So, the marble cost is proportional to its size. Lastly, the cost of marble will also increase if you add marble motifs, fancy borders, and decorative tiles. Removing and disposing of the existing floor also require labor costs.


So, if you’re looking to enhance your home interior by installing marble floor tiles. Therefore, the above guide will benefit you in choosing marble flooring for your home. Moreover, you can choose great designs and colors of marbles of your own choice. However, the most iconic one is Calacatta Gold Marble Tiles are a preferable choice to give your home a really elegant and luxurious touch. 

In addition to color ranges, you must focus on Prices, slip resistance, and finishing of the marble. So, choose your marble floor tile with keeping all the above in mind to get the perfect, durable, high quality, slip-resistant, and cost-friendly range of marble. Go, buy, and make your home perfect.

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