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Your Ultimate Guide for Plasterboard


If you are in search of an ideal wall panel, you will have so many things to consider. Some of the different options available include hardboard, plasterboard, fiberwood, and plywood. One of the commonly used materials include plasterboard, whether it is a commercial or residential project. Below are some of the benefits of plasterboard in the building construction industry.

  • Fire Resistant: When it comes to plasterboard, it is fire-resistant. Plasterboard can keep your building safe from fire with a low flame spread index and low smoke density.
  • Sound Dampening: When designing a commercial building or residential building, it’s crucial to control the transmission of unwanted sound to close by locations. When a business builds a conference room next to a manufacturing facility, you must make sure that choose walls that absorb unwanted noise that comes from outside. A gypsum board or plasterboard could be utilized in this situation. Gypsum is an excellent choice to reduce sound transmission.
  • Flexibility: Plasterboards are installed inside your building as an interior wall. While utilizing drywall or plasterboard, the same task can be completed in one or two days as opposed to a week or more when applying typical plaster. Gypsum panels can be used in a range of office settings, including corporations and warehouses.
  • Cost: Gypsum has been a popular building material for many years. Plasterboard can be made with just mineral gypsum, water, and a few other additives. The entire cost of the product is quite low because these are easily accessible and the method is simple. They are known for their low maintenance cost and high durability.

If you are planning to consider plasterboard for walls, choose a reputed company like Rigips. They provide quick solutions for ceilings, partitions, walls, and floors.

What are the different types of plasterboard?

  • Standard Plasterboard: A wallboard or drywall is commonly referred to as standard plasterboard. Besides, it can be used for multiple purposes. To install it, take the measurements of your wall and then place your order. These walls can be decorated the way you want.
  • Acoustic Plasterboard: If you are looking for a soundproof option, it would be your perfect choice. The main purpose of choosing an acoustic plasterboard is it has sound-proof qualities, which means it can stop outside noise from entering your space. As Acoustic plasterboards are thicker than the other plasterboard types, they can stop external noises from entering your house. It can improve the quality of your life inside your home. You can stay peaceful by choosing an Acoustic plasterboard. You can also enjoy your favorite music or a movie during your free time at your home happily, without any disturbance by choosing this plasterboard type.
  • Moisture-Resistant Plasterboard: This type of plasterboard is waterproof or simply moisture-resistant. It is an excellent choice for humid environments. The specialty of this plasterboard is, it repels water, in spite of absorbing it. When compared to the other types of wall finishing, they last longer, which means you can save money in the long run.

Order your favourite walls that suits your requirements from the above options!

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